Monday, March 8, 2010

Time flies...

These days Charlie is doing so good. We haven't been to the doctor since close to his 4 month appointment. Which makes things much easier when we don't have so many appointments to go to. I think he weighs about 15 pounds now, we will find out for sure next Monday. I do know he has gotten much longer since the last time he was measured!
Charlie now eats 3 meals a day. Cereal around 9a.m. Lunch veggie and half a thing of fruit around 12 and cereal and fruit around 5. He still nurses during the day and in the evening when I am not working. If I am working he takes a bottle. Charlie now drinks apple juice from a sippy cup. He is doing so great with it. He can drink his bottle and his sippy cup by himself without any help. He is getting to be such a big boy. We are working on sitting up and crawling right now. He will sit up pretty good by himself if he is sitting on my lap, but just tumbles over if he is on the floor. He is getting much better at it though.
Charlie LOVES going for walks in the stroller, he loves looking at everything outside.
Charlie also just got a new carseat, well almost a month ago now. This one is a convertible carseat that should last him almost his whole time that he has to be in a carseat. He can see out the window which calms him down if he is upset.
All in all we are all doing great!