Friday, October 9, 2009

Charlie has had a busy week again.

We started the week off by taking Charlie to the ER Tuesday morning, for what we thought was a stomach bug. He kept spitting most of his food up and wouldn't keep much down. The ER didn't do much of anything. Said if it happened again to go see his docotor. Well it happened again that afternoon. We took him to his doctor where he said he thought it was just some stomach bug. We were to give hi pedilyte the rest of the night and stop giving him breast milk till the next day. That night and the next day Charlie was doing better keeping his food down. Thursday we had two appointments. We had WIC appointment in the morning and then Cadioligist in the afternoon. WIC appointment went great. Cadioligist was fine. No real change with his heart. We are now having to weight him every week to make sure he is gaining weight. If he doesn't gain between 3 and 3.5 ounces a week then he might have to be put on medicine to close the hole in his heart which will then help him gain weight.
We had a follow up appointment with his doctor today, mainly just to get him weighed and to talk to the doctor about what we found out yesterday. Today we found out that Charlie has reflux, which is why he has been spitting up so much! We also found out that he has thrush. We are adding rice cereal to his milk and he is on medicine for his thrush.
We go back next Friday to get him weighed again.
Right now he weighs 7 pounds 6.5ounces

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