Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life is busy.

Since the last post I have started back to work, the first part of November. That was a very busy time for Craker Barrel, it was pie season! I am working 5 days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from about 4:30-8 and then Saturday 8:30-2. Andrew is still working the midnight shift and try to get as much sleep as possible before he watches Charlie in the evening. Grandma's switch off on the weekend watching Charlie. (This allows them both to get their Charlie time!)

Charlie has only been to the doctor twice since the first part of November. (One because he was getting thrush again, the other I belive he had a bug.) Since close to 3 months Charlie has been on cereal(spoon fed). This seems to help him sleep at night. He is also still breast fed and gets a bottle, of breast milk, when I am at work.

Charlie laughed for the first time for Andrew on Christmas Eve and soon after that laughed for me. He is rolling all over the place now, and scoots on his back. We had to turn him around in his crib since he kept scooting and hitting his head on the railing. Charlie will talk you to death when he is in a good mood. He loves music and watching T.V. His favorite toy I would have to say is this farm house that hangs from the carseat and when you pull the middle animal it makes noise. (Cow mooing, pig oinking, ect.) We have just recently had to move him up to 3-6 month clothes.

When being changed Charlie will kick his feet like he is running away. He also gives the biggest/best smiles ever! They melt a Mommy's heart.

Life is busy right now. We are trying to get Charlie on a set schedule. During the day we have a pretty set schedule, now if we can just get the night schedule down.

Charlie has a WIC appointment Thursday, afterwards he will get his 4 month shots. Then Friday he will have his 4 month check up. Febuary 2nd Charlie goes back to the cadioligist. We are hoping and praying for some great news!

I will try to update again soon will all the stats from Charlie's 4 month check up.

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